• Development of new products > know-how

    We have direct experience (equipment, production processes, quality control, research and development) in various sectors:


    > confectionery
     >fruit preparation
     > bakery
     > Ice cream
     > beverages

    > dehydrated products in powder and in pieces
     > herbs


    We collaborate with our customers to research and develop new products. Our know how consists in taking the customer's requirements into consideration, working closely with the innovation managers of the company, formulating the theoretical recipe, creating the prototypes, evaluating the  shelf life,fine tuning the operating conditions on the existing production lines  or collaborating with the engineers to define new plants.


    We have a wide range of ingredients and scientific instruments at our disposal that allow us to accurately assess the stability of the products and transfer the recipe from the laboratory scale to the industrial one.


    Some specific skills :


    > Primary and secondary processing of fruit, vegetables and herbs to make products and semi-products
     > Reduction of fats in baked goods
     > Reduction of sugars
     > Use of soluble fibers to improve the nutritional values
     > Extension ofa shelf life inbaked goods
     > Sugar-free products
     > New gluten-free recipes
     > Reduction of additives, development of new thickening systems

    > Formulation of new drinks and aperitifs
     > Formulation of new semi-products for various sectors of confectionery, baked goods, beverages, yoghurt and cheeses..


  • New processes and technologies > know-how

    We have direct competence in the traditional aseptic packaging technologies, and especially in the new sterilization technologies:

     > application of high hydrostatic pressure
     > application of radio frequencies both to canned vegetables in general and more specifically to preparations of fruit for the ice-cream, yoghurt and drinks sector ...


    As regards first processing technologies:


    > Development of new processes for dehydrated products ande Intermediate MoistureFoods
     > Development of cold extraction technologies for fruit pulps and purees,  smoothies


  • Evaluation of new ingredients > know-how

    We have specific expertise in evaluating new ingredients and products on the market.

    We have  innovativemethods to check the color and texture of the food and thea shelf lifethat allow us to make a detailed comparison on appearance, stability, structural and sensory characteristics of food products.


    Evaluation of the effectiveness of:


     > soluble fibers ase fat replacers inbaked goods
     > plant extracts with coloring properties
     > plant extracts with antioxidant properties
     > native starches in substitution of modified starches in various confectionery and bakery productso


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