• Some challenges we’ve already faced and overcome


    non food

    > Research and development of new cocoa gelées, creation of a new gelifying system, patented by the customer.
    > Research and development of new ingredients based on carbohydrates and soluble fiber to improve the shelf life of leavened baked goods.
    > Improved alveolation of sponge cake and its ability to absorb and retain the syrup without using additives.
    > New aperitif with strong antioxidant activity, patent filed by the customer.
    > Development of a method for measuring the color of gelées

    > Research and development of a gluten-free play dough.
    > Development of highly bleaching hair creams (we have devised a new method and instrumentation for the colorimetric comparison with other creams on the market).
    > Research and development of new permanent hair dyes on a transparent gel base.
    > Research and development of a new method and instrumentation for measuring hair color and other non-homogeneous industrial materials.
    We got the patent.

     See the examples below

    • Analysis of the superficial structure of materials, in this specific case the differences between packaging papers.


    • Dental calculus crystalsmade ​​in vitro, with and without addition of anti-tartar substances.

  • Some challenges we're working on

    Food and more

    non food

    Riduzione significativa di grassi in creme anidre di farcitura.

    New industrial paints based on photosensitive nanomolecules.



  • FoodVision

    Food and more

    OR , in addition to doing research activities for third parties, is also devoted to research on its own.
     We are currently working with the University of Turin on the FoodVision project, whose aim is the development of artificial vision techniques for the analysis and control of color and of other quality parameters of heterogeneous food matrices.
     We have now finished the first phase of the project, which has examined its feasibility and identified the solutions for proper illumination and acquisition of images.
     We have just started the creation phase of a prototype that will be tested in the solution of problems related to the shelf life of fruit derivatives.

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