The mission of OR, founded in 2007 after years of consulting activities, is to collaborate with companies in order to actualize new projects, by following and refining them up to the industrial production, to research and develop new products and technologies together, to improve the quality and safety of existing products and processes, to put forward new ideas and new solutions. We assist companies in creating “made ​​in Italy” products of high quality and with high technological contents for the conquest of new markets.
Alessandro Occelli, founder of the company, has thirty years’ experience in research and industry of various sectors and industrial and academic contacts that allow you to work effectively in problem solving and innovation. We also have an archive of thousands of ingredients and raw materials which is constantly updated and allows us to propose the best solutions in complete independence. We have a test kitchen equipped with leading processing technologies on lab scale and a technical room for the non-food sector and the instrumental checks.

OR S.A.S di Alessandro Occelli & C.   Via Galimberti 50 - 12030 MANTA (CN) Italia,  Tel. e fax: +39.0175.476907 - C.F./P.I. 03152730044