• Hair styling > know how


    > Experience in the development of permanent and semi-permanent dyes


    > Optimization of formulations with new thickening/stabilizing systems, including permanent colors in transparent gel


    > Expertise in systems for the production of hydrolyzed proteins for the insertion of mixtures with amino acids and peptides into hair formulations to obtain functional or protective actions.


    > Knowledge of the issues that determine the color instability to repeated washings. We have developed methods to evaluate the degradation of the dye


    > Experience in developing new products for perms and for hair bleachingi



    Impossibile una tintura permanente per capelli trasparente? Abbiamo delle idee interessanti!

  • Natural Cosmetics > know-how


    > Experience and knowledge in preservative and antioxidant systems, based on components  food gradeand/or of plant origin and on reformulations to prevent microbial proliferation


    > Experience in using hydrocolloids of plant origin for the preparation of gelled systems with high water content


    > Experience in using  food gradethickeners to stabilize cosmetic emulsions


    > Scientific and applied knowledge to detect allergenic substancese


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