non food

  • Research and development of new products

    > Development of new recipes with creation of lab-scale prototypes

    > Product and process innovation and technical support to the customer in filing the patent


    > Research of raw materials


    > Tweaking of the recipe and operating conditions on pre-industrial and industrial scale at the customer’s site


    > Collaboration with the customer's marketing department to create new projects

    > Optimization of recipes in order to improve the stability of the products


    > Optimization of thermal conditions for microbiological stabilization


    > Development of antioxidant systems with plant derivatives.

  • Development of new processes and technologies

    > Application of new sterilization technologies


    > Development of processes to create Intermediate Moisture Foods (IMF)

  • Clean label

    > Replacement of artificial colors with food coloring in complex foods that show problems with color stability

    > Replacement of thickeners and stabilizers with ingredients of plant origin

    > Replacement of emulsifiers with carbohydrates and fibers


    > Use of ingredients of plant origin in substitution for humectants and additives and in the control of aw

  • Shelf life

    > Products stability check, determination of the Minimum Durability Date


    > Creation of degradation curves of the color to evaluate the changes in the product at the sales point, in order to intervene in the production process and improve the conditions of enzymatic inactivation.


    > Assess of the moisture absorption/desorption curves to evaluate the stability to drying, staling and moisture absorption in order to avoid the phenomena of caking in powders or dehydrated foods, microbiological proliferation and rancidity.

  • Evaluation of new ingredients

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  • Analysis and comparisons of market products

    > Application of advanced methods of image analysis for the objective assessment of the differences in appearance and structure of the products

    > Comparative evaluation of stability


    > Comparative evaluation of stability under lighting conditions at the sales point

    > Identification of critical parameters (physical, chemical, microbiological characteristics and contaminants) for objective comparison of the products

  • Color and image analysis

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  • Research and development of new formulations

    > Development of new formulations with creation of lab-scale prototypes

    > Research of raw materials

    > Tweaking of new dye systems by means of advanced techniques of color analysis

  • Shelf life

    > Evaluation of product stability


    > Creation of degradation curves of the color, which are useful, for example, to assess the stability of the dyes to repeated washings


    > Evaluation of the tendency of powders and granules to cake, analysis to identify solutions

  • Formulation improvement

    > Replacement of chemicals with plant derivatives


    > Tweaking of stabilization systems for plant-based emulsions and suspensions


    > Replacement of gelling chemicals with hydrocolloids of plant origin


    > Tweaking of antioxidant, preserving and humidity-controlling systems by means of food-grade components

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